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needhelpfor3 started this conversation
I am a dependant mother of 3 oldest child is now married with children of her own now I have 2 children who are with me. Its goes way back as 3 years ago was laid off of my job moved from California to here in El Paso,Tx. has been a difficult road of life since to get back on my feet. My home whom I owned I lost do to unable to make payments of not able to find a stable job. I am currently staying with my daughter and son in law very difficult and it is very difficult to remain here and know it is time to find a place of my own. Do to financial difficulties and no transportation unable to afford deposit and first months rent. My son is currently under S.S.I income becuase, of his learning disablity. Finding it really hard to save up some money while staying here at my daughters because, i am helping here also while staying here, This is why I am unable to save any money. I know once I can afford a vehicle to transport myself I will be able to do what I need to do and able to do what I am capable of doing.
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